Saturday, July 19, 2008

Painting Phil's Room

My husband has his very own room in our house. As long as he agrees with the ideas my daughters and I have for it, he's free to do anything he wants as far as decorating is concerned. So, with Grace away, which gave us a place to put a lot of the items from the room, we painted the room. Here's what we started with - lovely, off-white walls.
The first bit of paint goes up. Nice color!
Look at all this stuff I had to work around!
Two coats done here. It looks great!
Lots of sore muscles later, all four walls are painted, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed, and the furniture is going back into place. Once we get it all back together, I'll snap more pictures.

What do you think - should I get the curtains made? We've had the fabric for months!!

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