Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finished + Cross Stitch Woes

At last - I finished side two of my proposed biscornu! I like the way it turned out. Next step is to find a tutorial and actually sew this together.
Tonight was our stitching time with our friend. After I finished side 2 of the biscornu, I pulled out French Country ABCs and after putting in a few stitches, realized that I was running short of fabric on the bottom. Sure enough, after carefully counting, there isn't enough. So what to do?
Here's a close up of the bottom; there are two rows beneath the "Q R" row.
Here's the picture from the front of the chart. Does anyone have any ideas what I could do? I hate to scrap the entire project as I've put a lot of time into it. I thought about stitching another piece of fabric onto the first one, something I've had to do when sewing. I know it might look strange, but perhaps if I frame the finished project, it wouldn't be too obvious. See that entire x's row underneath the S-V row? I could join there and cover the join with the stitching.This has happened to me only one other time, and then, I had just enough fabric to finish. It made the job of matting it a challenge!

Please, please - help me!!

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Stitches 'N' Stones said...

I think it would really look good if you stitched another piece of fabric to it like this:
If that doesn't interest you, maybe frog out the row you just started with the "q r" and then start that on a new piece? You could do the buttons border on the bottom of the design as to "bring it all together", and then frame each in it's own frame.

Pretty finish!