Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1st Christmas

Image courtesy of Lizzie*Kate

Although I hadn't planned to, I sat with my husband last Friday night to watch most of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. I can never watch TV without doing something else, so I pulled out "1st Christmas" by Lizzie*Kate. I am making the baby one for friends who are expecting in November, and have about a ten more stitches to put in; I cannot personalize until after the baby is born as the parents are not telling the gender or potential names. (I was hoping to at least chart the possible names . . . but I can put in the year, so up that stitch count.) This is such a quick stitch that I may make one for my niece who was born earlier this year. It's the kind of project that could be kept on hand, competed except for name and year, and given as a quick baby or wedding gift.

I spent this evening kitting up some projects - as if I need more to do! It's nice to be able to pull something out when the urge strikes to start something new.

Both my 18-year old, Grace, and I had appointments with the orthopedist yesterday. Grace is going for an MRI next Tuesday to see if she has torn cartilage; I was offered a partial knee replacement! That's not an option right now, since my hubby is still undergoing chemotherapy, so I opted for a cortisone shot for my badly arthritic right knee; if it doesn't do much, we will submit paperwork to the insurance company to see if they will cover the viscosupplement Synvisc. I find it sad that at 2-1/2 months out from age 48, I am a candidate for a partial artificial knee, but I had knee surgery twice in 1981, and had developed arthritis by age 32. All this to say that I'm not able to move around too much, so a few projects are in order, right? Hopefully the knee will start to recover from the injection tomorrow.


Breath of Fresh Air said...


Sorry to hear of you and your husband's health problems. My husband and I have been taking a product called Infiaid that is a natural product for inflammation. We both have seen success with it. You may look it up on our webside: I ran across you blog while looking at bloggers that have the same interest as me.

Michelle said...

Hi Ginny,

I'll say a prayer for both you and Grace that your knees will feel better ~ and I hope you have no battles with the insurance company.

I love that Lizzie Kate pattern. I just got a new pattern in the mail today from my favorite LNS, The Sunflower Seed.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

I just wanted say that I am I am praying for you and your hubs. How is he? I hope Grace is okay and I will pray for your knees as well!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

your youngest daughter said...

hey mommy!!!! I'm sorry that we have to be gimpy together. It makes me sad. :-( hopefully something will help us both!!!