Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update on My Hubby

The Bargain Shopper Lady asked about my husband. Back in July - and bear with me if I posted this before - we thought that his test results were a fluke, so the doctor ordered a re-test. No fluke; the numbers from the re-test were higher than those taken when Phil started chemo back in April. Bummer. So he's back on chemo every week, but his platelets are falling, a common side effect of the drug he's getting, and we're not sure how low they can go before the doctor holds treatment for a week or two, something we're not anxious to have happen as we're afraid the cancer will gain ground.

Despite the fatigue, which is growing worse, Phil maintains a positive attitude, and his faith in His God holds steady. I'm sure it helps that he does the dishes several times a week. Right?


Tanya said...

Hi Ginny,
I am sorry to read that about your husband. It is so hard to go through test and test. My grandmother has been in the hospital for over a week now. She went in for extreme nausea and they discovered she has an infection around or in the gall bladder. They aren't taking it out as yet - it's just been difficult dealing with Drs and what needs to be done, explanations of what is going on with her, etc. I hope your husband does well. My thoughts are with you, Ginny.

Vonna said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this with your husband. I cannot imagine.
I'm a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and usually when undergoing treatment doctors will let the platelet counts go down to 10,000 before they stop treatment to let them gain back ground. I have seen them wait until they were as littl as 2k - 7k but seems to me most Oncologists will stop around the 10 k mark. They can give him platelets, as he had any?

staci said...

I'm so thoughts and prayers are with you both {{hugs}}

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear the news isn't what you want to hear.. I admired your positive outlook and will keep your family in my prayers.


Lyn said...

Hi Ginny,
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my article at moneysavingmom. I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's health challenges and yours as well. I can only understand so much having health issues myself as I don't have cancer. I am sure it is a lot to deal with on many levels. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and you are more than welcome to email me on that address if you'd like. I wish you all the best.

God bless, Lyn