Friday, September 26, 2008


If I weren't so fatigued, I'd say it was fun making these two sleepers for friends who are expecting their first baby in early November. This is an old pattern - my mother bought it to make two sleepers for Sarah back in 1986 - and since then, I've used it several times. The original pattern calls for a drawstring at the bottom, but being concerned with safety, I inserted a zipper instead.

On the first one, I used buttons that spell B-A-B-Y; they aren't functioning buttons, as I prefer snaps.
Close-up of the zipper:
The second sleeper. I used bright yellow buttons, which you can see in the second picture.
Since the parents aren't telling whether the baby is a girl or boy (they may not know), I had to choose gender neutral fabric, which was hard to come by. I hope the little one gets much use out of these!

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Tanya said...

First of all, Ginny - 90 days until Christmas??????????? Eek! I saw that posted atop your blog and nearly fainted. LOL

Ok, gaining my strength again to post here. Wonderful sleepers - wow- wish I could sew like that. Zack needs pjs and I have such a hard time finding ones that are flame resistant. He's been sleeping in onesies all summer and looks to be Fall weather has set in now - way to go, girlie.