Saturday, February 28, 2009

Answering Questions

Heidi asked a bunch of questions that I thought I'd answer publicly instead of sending her an email.

1. How is DH doing? Do you always take along something to work on when he has to go to the hospital?

We had great and bad news about Phil this week. The good news is that he is off dialysis. He'll be monitored carefully for six to eight weeks, and if he's still ok after that time, they'll pull his catheter. However, the bad news is that the latest tests for the cancer showed a jump in the numbers. We do not understand why this is happening - it's the same scenario we had with the last drug he tried; namely, that he responded well at first, then the numbers started to climb. We see the doctor on Tuesday, and we have a lot of questions. Another bad thing about the cancer is that it was what caused the kidney failure in the first place, so if we can't get it under control, Phil will end up back on dialysis.

We have a Caring Bridge site where I do updates, if you're interested. You can sign up to get an email whenever I post updates so you don't have to remember to visit the site.

2. My cat loves to sit on my lap when I use an afghan. What do you do with yours?

With my cat, or with the afghan? I use the lap blanket I made when I sit in the recliner at night and read blogs and email. We set our thermostat to 58 degrees F at night, so it gets cold when I'm up, uh, late. As for the cat, she spends time in Sarah's room at night (Sarah bought her a little kitty bed, which she loves), but when she ventures into my room, she'll sit on the back of the recliner and sleep until I get into bed.

3. How can you choose which [purse] to use?

Usually my latest creation is the one that's currently in use. Other times I try to match my purse to my outfit. I have a few that are distinctly seasonal - one made from snowman fabric, and another that has delicate pink flowers on an off-white background.

Thanks, Heidi, for your questions!

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