Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Pray for Naomi

A young woman in our church was involved in a serious car accident on Monday. Her name is Naomi Hannah, and she is the daughter of our associate pastor and his wife. Naomi is in serious condition with a head injury, internal injuries, and a broken pelvis, and at this time, the doctors are unsure of her prognosis and actual condition. Please keep Naomi and her family in your prayers.

The Hannah family has set up a Caring Bridge page for Naomi. Please read more of her story at


Carolyn said...

Ginny, I just love reading your blog. It is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for that! I will certainly add Naomi to my prayers. I firmly believe in the power of prayer.

Sick of your dishcloths? Never! The only problem is that you are enabling me to dust off my crochet hooks after many many years. I do NOT need another stash hobby. LOL
Seriously, I love seeing your crocheting and other work. Thank you for sharing.

{HUGSSS}}}} and PBS for Naomi.


Sadie said...

Ginny, I am praying with you all right now. I know the Lord will continue to give you sweet reminders of His grace in the situation!