Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I never should have picked up a crochet hook again. Now all I want to do is crochet! I completed my second shawl (sorry, I don't have a picture yet), and then started making dishcloths. I've completed four so far, and had the courage to start using one!
These are fast to crochet, and loads of fun, working with the variegated cotton thread.

I was at WalMart today and saw that purchasing a 14-ounce cone of their Sugar and Cream rip-off yarn is very economical. I think I could get 6 or 7 dishcloths from one cone. Or, I might make this cute Clothespin Bag, which I need since mine has fallen apart.

Sarah helped me go through my yarn stash and organize everything the by Standard Yarn Weight System. I'll be entering some into my account at Ravelry, and hopefully finding some ideas for using it, too.

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