Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Crocheting

I just couldn't help myself.

I accompanied Sarah to a nearby yarn shop which sells much more expensive yarn than I can afford. I wasn't tempted. Really, I wasn't! (Especially since it was obvious that crocheters weren't catered to.) But on the way home, I could not stop thinking about how I wanted to make another shawl in more pastel colors, so I talked Sarah into going to JoAnn's, despite the fact we were both hungry and tired. I had intended to choose Lion Brand Homespun yarn, but didn't find anything that I liked, so we started looking around. I found this Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn, which is exclusive to JoAnn's, and was the right weight, and also on sale.
I'm not sure why I'm crocheting instead of cross stitching, especially because I'm having terrible pain in my arms, which sometimes radiates down to my forearms. My pain killers are my friends right now, I'm sorry to say.
This shawl is going to be gorgeous. It certainly puts me in the mood for spring!

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Lori Stilger said...

Ooooh, Ginny, that looks SO soft and cuddly!!!!! Kenn's cousin's DIL owns a yarn shop in Wichita, and I just kept walking around feeling all the fibers when we were there last month. :) I LOVE soft things!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGS, dear friend!!!!