Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stitching Progress

Sometimes not feeling well has advantages, such as providing time to stitch. On Friday night, I finished Joyeux Noel (Cat's Whiskers, JCS 2007 Ornament issue.) Those diamond eyelet stitches were killers, and I was excited when the last ones were stitched. Part of the problem was the loose nature of the Irish Linen (Charles Craft, color is "Tea") I chose for the project. I'm not a fan of linen - I much prefer evenweave - so I was already starting at a disadvantage. As for final finishing, I will probably do a flat ornament, although now that I look at the finished piece, it would make a very large ornament, at least 3" x 4.25". I'm also wary of hanging my stitched ornaments on the tree as the cats - or perhaps just one of them - has been quite active in removing ornaments from the tree. There are only so many that can be hung out of a cat's reach!
Today we watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and later, You've Got Mail. I spent the time stitching on Love and Faithfulness, which I started in August, then put away. It's a relief to be stitching on evenweave again!


Vonna said...

What beautiful projects the tree is just gorgeous! And you know how I feel about LHN :)
I've seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and all the other Indiana Jones movies so much the past 6 months that I think I could re-enact them! LOL!

staci said...

Very pretty stitching! And I just, just finished a project on that Irish Linen and know what you mean about it's loose weave~~not very fun to stitch on (but it was perfect for my project!)