Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Grace's scarf is nearly finished - all it lacks is the fringe. I enjoyed making it, and decided to leave my crochet hook in hand and try to finish a shawl I started well over a year ago but had been frustrated with because of a consistent mistake at the end of each row, but which now has been found and corrected. Unfortunately, I am nearly out of yarn; Sarah is looking for more in the same dye lot on Ravelry (after checking Ebay and Etsy to no avail), but if she doesn't come up with anything, I'll check the local craft stores and hopefully find a close match.
Here's a dish cloth I made tonight. It was my first time working with cotton yarn. I used the pattern that came with the yarn, although I did have to go around the outside more times than the pattern called for in order to get the size correct; even so, it worked up very quickly.
I'm going to start a felted purse next. Or at least I think I am. I have sewing to do, although I can't do that while watching TV in the evenings. Maybe I'll go back to cross stitching - who knows?


Carolyn said...

Oh such pretty work! I joined Ravelry in hopes that I would pick up my crochet hook again. I'm also trying to learn to knit. I love your dish cloth! Such pretty colors. :) Good luck in finding the yarn you need. :)

Michelle said...

Great job - I've tried to learn to crochet but my brain won't grasp the concept..

My friend crocheted me angel dish cloths for Christmas ~ almost too pretty to use :)

Have a wonderful day..


J-ME said...

That's an interesting pattern. I have one that it done on the diagonal. I like cotton dishcloths.