Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Beginning of Another Year

On the east coast, it is now New Year's Eve.  I have made it to the end of my daily December posts, missing only one - yesteday's.  It has been a long month for me.  I was not prepared for Christmas at all; Internet ordering saved me, with the last of my gifts arriving on the 23rd.  Construction has been ongoing since December 10, and is scheduled to be completed, except for a bit of outdoor work, later today.  We will hopefully pass our last two inspections.  The business that installed the cable, telephone, and CAT5 jacks needs to come back to put covers over the outlets they installed, making them functional.  Grace and Anthony will clean the space after the workmen leave, and move in the couch and some other furniture.  Anthony plans to bring over his TV and his DVD collection, which he says he will share.  We still have to purchase and install a closet system, paint the doors, do touch-up painting, install doorknobs, make curtains, and put up the blind in the bedroom.  It seems like the finishing work on any project, whether craft or home repair (or any other, for that matter), takes a long time.

As for me, I am looking forward to getting some sleep.  The days of being awakened from a sound sleep by the loud bang of a hammer accompanied by the shaking of the house are almost over.  2010 will bring its own excitement and challenges.  We have a wedding to plan, a son (in-law) moving in, the transition to having a married daughter to explore. 

I have one personal goal, and that is to lose weight before the wedding.  The last time I was on the scale, I was shocked, so I haven't used it since!  Ideally, assuming I haven't shed any pounds since I last checked, I would like to rid myself of 20 pounds.  But even 10 or 15 would be acceptable, and would help ease the pressure on my bad knee quite a bit.  Sarah would also like to lose a few pounds before we alter her bridesmaid dress, so I am hoping we can encourage each other.

There is one crafting goal I'd also like to meet, and that is to complete Grace and Anthony's wedding sampler.  I haven't worked on it all month, choosing instead to stitch some Christmas ornaments.  I will need to finish those - even though Christmas is over! - and get back to the sampler.  The winter Olympics begin in about six weeks, and I know I'll make progress during them since we enjoy watching many of the events.

What about you?  Do you make resolutions or set goals for the new year?

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annelize said...

Happy new year to you all. I resolve to do exercises to make me more supple and improve my balance. I would also like to conquer my chocolate weakness and read more books in 2010. Good luck with your resolutions.