Saturday, December 12, 2009

Construction, Day 2

Waking up to bang, bang, and more bang is not a pleasing way to begin a Friday, or any day for that matter!  Nonetheless, this will be my lot in life for a couple of weeks.

A crew of four completed most of the framing, and even left early.  That gave me time to sweep and wash the part of the kitchen floor where they had tracked slush and sawdust from the back door to the basement door.  Here's Friday's progress:

I learned several things yesterday.  First, I have to be prepared to wash the floor and vacuum the rugs by the back entry every day during the construction.  Next, I need to put an old hand towel in the powder room, and pick up the rug in front of the sink.  The latter had sawdust all over it and needed a good washing by the end of the day.  Last, we must bring a cat litter box upstairs while them men are here so we don't have a repeat of
Fridays's incident in which one of the cats, who shall remain nameless, used the dog's crate as a bathroom.  Yuck.

Hooray for the weekend, sleeping in, and silence!

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