Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Construction, Day 9

It was wonderful to get out of the house this afternoon and go somewhere quiet to get my hair cut!  My hairdresser works out of her home, and it was so peaceful.  By contrast, all I heard at home today was the back door slamming continually, and hammers drumming. 

The hole outside the egress window was dug today.  I think it's finished, except for whatever structure they have to put in it to hold the dirt back.  Fortunately, it wasn't extremely cold or windy today, so I didn't have to feel too bad for the workman who was in the backyard all day.

 My husband requested that the hole be covered, lest our dog or some other critter fall in.  I quickly discovered that the lumber was too heavy for me to move!

The drain pipe trenches in the bathroom and from the bathroom to the composting unit were covered with cement.  That leaves the huge area behind that composter to be filled in.

More drywall work:

This is the beginning of the soffit that will cover the existing ductwork.

The plan, as I know it at this time, is that the men will work through midday on Thursday.  They hope to have the room to the point where we can paint.  Then they will come back after New Year's to finish up.  I'm not certain whether they will have the bathroom in working order, or the flooring done before Christmas.  I will speak to the contractor myself this afternoon.

I am so ready for this project to be done!

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