Sunday, February 17, 2008

Murphy's Law of Wallpapering

Expecting a project to go as planned is, well, simply expecting too much. I got ready to begin hanging the wallpaper, and something told me that I should make sure I had enough. Murphy's Law (according to Ginny) dictates that when you are using wallpaper you already have it definitely won't be enough. And it wasn't. The original plan was to paper the entire length of the wall. So I remeasure, allowing for the chair rail and border. Guess what? Yup, still not enough. So I call my hubby. And we talk about every possibility, finally deciding on one. Here's the step by step, beginning with the bare walls:
The first strips go up. Cutting around that window sill was tough!

As you can see, we decided to have the paper go to the bottom of the window, which will put the chair rail, which will be underneath the border, at around 36".

Here's a shot of the completed walls, same angle.

And the sink area:
Finally, some accessories put back into the room, albeit temporarily.
We still have to decide what to do with the bottom of the wall (under the chair rail), the wall to the right of the sink (not shown), and the wall above the laundry area (which you can barely see in some of the pictures with the window.) We are thinking paint, perhaps a pink or purple, or another wallpaper that looks like a faux paint finish.

And in case you're wondering, the stenciled "fence" and border were always intended to be temporary. I am thinking about doing the same treatment in the master bath once I get around to painting in there. I'd use white for the fence parts, and do the border in blue, since our shower curtain is in shades of blue. We'll see!


Daughter of the King said...

Ginny...I love looks so pretty and you sure did a great job.

Michelle said...

I don't envy wallpapering! I had the pleasure of removing wallpaper - ugh! I like your choice.. very pretty!


Lori Stilger said...

Very pretty, Ginny!!!! It's looking good - and yup, that's my experience with ANY project I've already got the supplies I want to use for. :D
How's everyone feeling at your house?