Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Beauty

What a beautiful day we had! It was near 70 degrees, sunny, everything one could want in a spring day. Despite muscles so sore I couldn't move without much pain, I wandered outside and ended up taking the loppers from Phil, and proceeded to cut down a lot of brush. (The back of our lot is wooded; we cleared part of it, but would like to do more.) I actually feel better now than I did this morning. Doesn't make sense, but I'm glad!

I snapped some pictures of the spring flowers - crocuses. They are so pretty, don't you agree?
Here's Callie, relaxing on the front porch.

Since I worked outside, I didn't get to the touch up's in the hall. Today, the paint color looks blue! I love how it makes the woodwork and doors look so white. Here's a shot down the hall toward the girls' bedrooms.I think that switch plate cover needs to go elsewhere in the house.


Michelle said...

Your paint color is so peaceful - I love blue.

Your spring flowers are just gorgeous.

Hope all is well with everyone,


Daughter of the King said...

I agree...the paint color DOES look so peaceful...
and the flower pictures are so pretty.....

Whimsy & Wonder said...

The flowers are just beautiful! What a delight for you to have at your home!