Friday, April 4, 2008

This Week So Far

My week started with a lovely package from Michelle. While spring cleaning, she came across this pile of cross stitch magazines, and a few other goodies, which she wasn't going to use, so she offered them to me. Wow! There is at least one project in each magazine that's of interest. I definitely need to spend more time stitching. Either that, or ask God for another few lifetimes! (Just kidding - one is enough.)

I have been exhausted since Monday. I wake up feeling as tired or more so than I was when I went to bed. Needless to say, I haven't accomplished much except for getting my hair cut, going to the library with Sarah, and going to the dentist for a cleaning. I've put a few stitches in my various cross stitch projects, but that's about it.

Thursday afternoon Phil got his first chemo treatment. We started out time with the nurse, getting more information about Velcade, filling out and signing paperwork, and also correcting some misinformation she had. (That's a scary thing!) We learned that Phil has wonderful veins in his right arm, which is good since that's the only arm they can use. (He has a fistula in his left arm and due to liability issues, it cannot be used for anything.) The actual infusion took no more than 20 minutes from inserting the IV needle to its removal. They went slowly today, just to make sure he didn't have any adverse reactions. I did get a little work done on Love Ewe, which I carry in my purse.

I'm going to leave you with a picture of our dog, Kelly. She is nearly six years old, and has lived with us for three. She is a black lab and Chow Chow mix, and has the characteristic purple tongue of the Chow (which you can barely see.) Kelly is a very sweet dog, albeit big and enthusiastic, and truly believes that everyone who comes to the house is there for her. You can see that her tail was wagging when I took the picture; she's a great fan in the summer, but it gets cold in the winter time!


monique said...

Kelly is a sweetie! I sure hope you are feeling more energetic soon. I have those tired times and it's frustrating and... well, tiresome :)

BTW, you won my blog drawing!

Michelle said...

Hi Ginny,

What a sweet doggy! Kelly looks like a lot of fun and full of love.

I'm so glad you found some projects in those magazines.

Have a wonderful weekend,