Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Painting on Monday

On Saturday, I used a lot of painter's tape to mask off five doorways, two corners, and all the baseboard in our upstairs hall. I got a late start today, but dragged the six foot ladder upstairs (it resides in the garage), along with drop cloths, paint, paint brushes, and roller. It didn't take much time to mask the ceiling (something we started doing when we moved to our present house three years ago), and finally I was ready to begin painting! One trick I did was to take the telescoping handle off my Webster and screw it into the handle of my paint roller. This kept me off the ladder as much as possible; the climbing up and down bothers my arthritic knees.

I'm going to sound like a broken record (does anyone remember them?) but I couldn't locate the camera, which I'm sure is hidden in Sarah's room. (We really MUST get a camera for that girl!) Anyway, the color is Valspar's "Carolina Inn Club Aqua", which we all love! Phew!! I had thought it to be a bit more sagey green, but there's enough blue and grey in it to make it look aqua in the right light. I chose it because it closely matched one of the mats in a picture I have hanging in the hallway. [NOTE: I found the color on the Valspar website, but it did not show up accurately on my computer.]

I think I've mentioned this before, but we built out house back in 2004. We were originally told that we'd take possession in October of that year, but when ground wasn't broken until August, we knew that wasn't going to happen. We finally moved in at the last possible moment, the last weekend in January, 2005. A lot of prayer went into that, as we were going to be homeless due to the buyer of our previous home wanting to take possession on February 1st. It has been wonderful to have a brand new house: there are very few repairs, as opposed to our old house where things seemed to break every time we turned around. With my husband's diagnosis of kidney failure and Multiple Myeloma on December 16, 2005, it's been important not to have to deal with repairs. The one thing we haven't liked is the very, very flat off-white paint the builder put on the walls. It looked terrible right after we moved in, as people weren't as careful as they could have been when bringing in furniture and boxes. We were told that we needed to wait until the builder came in at the one year mark to fix nail pops to paint, so we did. Big mistake, as by that time, life had changed and there wasn't time or energy to paint. Anyway, very slowly, I've been painting rooms; I started with the kitchen, which I did in very small increments, working primarily on Saturdays when Phil was at dialysis. I chose a new color for me - yellow. I took it into the back entry, since there was no clear stopping point. I've also done the front entry, which I've posted pictures of previously, and early last summer, Sarah helped me paint the great room. I have also reported on our powder room redo, which is still not completely finished. So downstairs, I still have to do the craft room (Ha! Too much stuff!!) and the dinette area. Moving upstairs, the girls each did their own bedrooms, and Sarah painted their bathroom. I have a color in mind for Phil's office, but still can't decide what to do in the master bedroom (blue and white? Blue and yellow? But I have some lovely lamps which have pink flowers on them, and some of my accessories also have pink.) I am thinking of painting the master bath in a deep grey blue, then stenciling a border - the same one I had in the powder room - in white. The stairway will require hiring someone, or at least finding a volunteer with scaffolding, so for now it will remain dirty off-white. Money is tight, and even buying a can of paint is hard, so hiring someone . . . we'll see.

If you've suffered through graciously stuck with me to this point, thank you! I will close by saying that, while I love the end result of decorating projects, the effort and movement required leave me with a lot of pain because of my fibromyalgia. Nonetheless, I hope to do some touch up on the hall in the afternoon and get the project finished. And maybe, just maybe, I can find that elusive camera!

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