Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Decorating

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of a few of our Christmas decorations. The first picture is of our house, taken at twilight. As usual, the camera doesn't capture everything; there are electric candles in each window. You can also see the snow we got Monday and Tuesday. I think the official storm total will be around a foot.

This picture is my makeshift "mantle" in the great room. Since we don't have a fireplace, the shelf above one of our love seats suffices. The first large stocking, on the left, was made by Grace for her dog, Kelly. The other three large stockings I made; the two in the middle are my husband's and mine, while the one on the right end is Sarah's.

I love having a nice stairway to decorate! One of the upgrades we made to the house when we built it was to forego the carpeting on the stairs in favor of oak treads with painted risers.

This final picture has nothing to do with Christmas. I've had this bench, which I picked up at a garage sale, since before I got married. The seat is hinged, and we store some our our board games inside. I recently purchased this new piece of fabric to cover the cushion (it's merely pinned on.) I need to repaint the bench so it fits in with the Early American decor in the entry way. Any suggestions as to color and/or paint treatment?

Here is a close up of the wallpaper border. Maybe I should go with a light mustard yellow?


Daughter of the King said... the pictures and the candles in the window...I did not realize your house was so looks beautiful....I remember when you were just starting the project of building and then moving etc...where does time go...
love all the pictures and your border print...
Thanks for sharing..

J-ME said...

Very pretty. I love the decorated bannister, too. I still have my garlands to put up outside.