Friday, December 28, 2007

Last of the Christmas Gifts! (Hooray!!!)

The gifts for my husband's family are ready for wrapping! Since the get together at my in-laws' isn't until Tuesday, I have "plenty" of time, right?

Here is the tote bag for my mother-in-law. I especially like the "I Love Knitting" embroidery; you probably can't see the detail in the picture, but the heart has varying texture, which adds to the interest.
And the skirt for our niece - it's actually two layers of fabric, with the outer one being sheer and the inner a light pink lining. It was rather a pain to work with, but I (think) I am pleased with the results. Because I don't have Mary Kate's waist size, I stitched a piece of buttonhole elastic to a piece of regular elastic (about 10" and 13" respectively), sewed a button to the back waistband, and left the end with the buttonhole elastic protruding from the opening in the back so she can adjust the elastic as needed.

And finally, here is the ornament I finished right before Christmas. The picture is very light - if you go here you can see a better picture of the fabric I chose. I stitched this with DMC floss on 28 count evenweave.

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J-ME said...

Ginny, the skirt is so pretty as are the tote bags you made. It musty be so fun to embroider on them. J-ME