Thursday, December 20, 2007

More on Freestanding Lace

Deby at Apples of Gold wants to know more about the Freestanding Lace ornaments from my previous post. These are done with my embroidery machine and are stitched on a stabilizer that dissolves when placed in water. You use the same thread in both the needle and the bobbin (as opposed to using a lightweight bobbin thread when one is stitching an embroidery design on a garment or towel) so that there isn't any difference between the front and back. Once stitched, you trim as much of the stabilizer away from the outside edges of the design, then immerse it in water and voila! A beautiful piece of machine embroidered lace.

You can see some other designs here.

Today's tip: When dissolving water-soluble stabilizer, make sure to use warm water so the stabilizer will dissolve much more quickly and completely.


Daughter of the King said...

thanks Ginny....these are beautiful...can you make them any size?....Is this kind of thread expensive...I could see them even smaller for trims on things...
What kind of machine do you it hard to learn?.....Was it expensive...after seeing your's a Jennifer M's....I am starting to think?????
IF you need to just email have my addy.... :-)

Daughter of the King said...

btw...I bet these would sell in a Etsy shop...have you seen these connected with ladies' blogs?

Grace said...

Grace says, "my mommy is talented. She makes purty ornaments." =D I like the mini ones you made for your tree, they're neat.