Monday, December 3, 2007

Sew Excited!

We have finally entered, at least somewhat, into the digital television age! When our VCR started eating tapes, we realized it was time to evaluate our television recording options. We have a DVD/VCR combo unit in the master bedroom, but anything we record on video tape must be watched in the bedroom, which might not be convenient or comfortable. We couldn't see investing in another VCR to use with our primary television, so we began researching DVD recorders. With the impending switch or all television stations to digital format in February, 2008, we realized we needed to purchase a unit with a digital tuner, since we do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV. After consulting with the ever helpful Consumer Reports, we compiled a very short list of recommended DVD recorders with digital tuners. We waited and we watched the sale ads. We waited some more. Finally, last week Best Buy had one of the units on our list on sale, and at a much better price than we dared hope to pay!! Phil spent Friday and Saturday setting it up, and reprogramming our universal remote (which mysteriously lost all its programming.) We still don't know how to record, but hopefully Phil can figure that out very soon.

So what am I sew excited about? When we began surfing channels, we discovered that we now have more channels because of the ability to receive digital signals. No fewer than four PBS stations are available to us now, one of which - Create - is already my new favorite. I am thrilled that I can watch two different episodes of Martha's Sewing Room, The Donna Dewberry Show, America Quilts Creatively, and more! Wow!!

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Daughter of the King said...

Wow..this is all very would be to me...congratulations...