Thursday, January 5, 2012

A bit of Christmas Decorating

I love decorating my home for Christmas and the winter.  I have an extensive snowman collection, which despite their objections, they keep adding to, and which stays up until the end of March.  And unlike many, I like to leave my Christmas decorations up until mid to late January, at which time I am sick of them.  It's usually cold, snowy, and overcast here, and I find the lights help me deal with it. 

I don't remember where I found this cute basket.  I have put it in my front entry for many years now, and after seeing this idea, I added the mini lights this year. 


I'd like to thank Heidi of The Cranberry Chronicle for helping me with my Christmas centerpiece.  For a long time, I've thought of purchasing a hurricane vase, and I finally broke down and did it.  After some back and forth in my mind, and discussion with Heidi, I decided to put some table salt in the bottom of the vase, insert my candle, and carefully put two layers of small ball ornaments around it.  I did break an ornament in the process . . .

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LeeAnn from NC said...

Very pretty, Ginny. I love baskets and have a small basket of cinnamon scented pine cones on my coffee table right now. Your candle decoration is so elegant and beautiful !