Monday, March 24, 2008

Got the Camera!!

Tomorrow is the big day. At 2:30, we meet with Phil's oncologist about the next phase of his treatment. I think I have all of my questions written down, although I'm going to do my best to let Dr. Smith talk first, then ask questions later. (If you know me, you'll quickly realize how very difficult that is for me.) On the way home from church last night, Phil was asking me about side effects, and I replied that I thought the worst one might be fatigue. He shared that he's so tired now, he can't imagine it getting worse. He really is discouraged; it's not easy for a man to have to give up his job as he did on 12/16/2005 because of illness.

I want to thank everyone who has left a comment, those who have prayed. The journey for a Multiple Myeloma patient is difficult: numerous treatments, often pain as bones deteriorate (very few have no bone involvement; for now, Phil is one of those), and ultimately death. It stinks. We try to focus on the good times, making memories, and being thankful for every month the numbers are down.

Here's my progress on Finger Lakes Sampler. I'm stitching this on, I believe, 28 count antique white Monaco. I can't afford to purchase more expensive fabrics, so I'm pretty much limited to what I can get at JoAnn's or A. C. Moore, and then, I often use a coupon. I am using the recommended Weeks Dye Works and Threadworx (substituted for the now defunct Needle Necessities) threads. I've been having trouble seeing to stitch this at night, so I brought up a clip on light, which is now attached to the window sill next to my chair.

And this is Love Ewe from the February 2008 issue of TGOS magazine. You may recall that I did all this while waiting for and during Phil's dermatology appointment a week ago.

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