Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Project

Last week was difficult. Dealing with the news of Phil's relapse, feeling sick for a couple of days (I think I had a bit of a cold, but in my body, not my nose), and general malaise made the week long and non-productive. I did, however, at the end of the week, cut some more fabrics for cross stitch projects; I even put the threads with some. I wanted to do this in preparation for taking Phil for his chemo treatments and other appointments. It's better to be able to grab something than to have to get everything together at the last minute. I also wanted some projects that I could easily see and not have to take my magnifier with me.

Turns out my planning paid off. Phil had an appointment on Monday with a dermatologist for removal of a basal cell carcinoma. Even though our appointment was at 2:00, the doctor was running very late, and we didn't get called back until 2:45! It was probably near 4:00 by the time we got out of there. I had put Love Ewe by Carousel Charts (from the February 2008 issue of The Gift of Stitching) in my purse, not expecting to get much done, but I actually did quite a bit of stitching. It was so fitting - the doctor stitched and I stitched. He did a nice job, but my project looks prettier. I am trying to sew up a jumper for Sarah so she can wear it for Resurrection Sunday. The pattern is easy, and one or two more sewing sessions should see it completed.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you had a bad thoughts and prayers are with you. Stitching can be therapeutic for me..


Daughter of the King said...

Thank you for the update and praying for you ALL again as you are in the midst of this.

Happy Easter to you and yours,
He is Risen, HE is Risen INDEED !


J-ME said...

Ginny, I really like your organization ideas. I just read some of your postings from last fll when you told about cutting pattern pieces out and organizing them in clear plastic bags, along with buttons, etc. Great ideas!!
I have so many unfin. projects, I should put them in bags like you so I can grab and go. Generally, I grab a book, but I could grab both. Praying for strength as you deal with all thart is ahead of you.