Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Snowmen

I promised pictures of my snowmen. Here they are!

I made the two below:
Oops - sorry it's blurred . . .
I made this guy, too, and painted the flowerpot.
This little scene is on the pie safe in our front entry.
Sarah bought the wooden "noel" sign for me because it goes with the two cutouts below it. I know Christmas is far behind us, but I didn't get this guy (and the wooden "trowel" to the left) until after the holidays, and wanted to leave it up.
I made the lady on the right. She's a bit too tall, but cute.

It's almost time to put these cute guys and gals away until late next fall. I'm always a bit sad to pack them away, but I'm tired of winter!

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Daughter of the King said...

These are all so cute...I am just catching up on blogging...or trying too.