Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tote Bag and First Pinkeep

This is the tote bag I made on Thursday night. The more I look at it, the more I like it! I only wish that the view outside my window matched the lovely fabric. We're in the second day of a three day snowstorm! We've had snow, sleet, freezing rain, and more snow, and now lots of wind, which will blow the snow, hopefully into our neighbor's driveway! (Sorry, Brian and Colleen.)
Here's a lousy shot of the inside. I put in two large pockets, one on each side.
I spent the late afternoon and evening making my first pinkeep! I followed the instructions at Stitching Together, and also referred to Focus on Finishing. I am mostly pleased with how it came out, and I certainly learned some things! I am wondering if I could use fleece - not the stuff you use for blankets, but the kind that I would refer to as compressed. It also comes in a fusible variety, which I've used for purses. Comments? The batting I used had too much loft, I think. I also learned that the cardboard needs to be cut smaller than "just a bit smaller." I'm sure I will make another pinkeep!
A shot of the back.On a personal note, we found out on Friday that my husband's cancer is active again. He has Multiple Myeloma, which is an incurable blood cancer. In the left hand column there are links to several web sites where you can get more information, and a link to his Caring Bridge site. We know that treatment this time around involves IV chemo with Velcade, twice a week for two weeks, then a week off; that is repeated as needed. Although I will try to get help with transportation, I'm sure I will be with him at least once a week. I hope to be able to cross stitch during that time, which will be therapeutic for me. Too bad I can't get Phil to take up a portable craft . . . we've suggested knitting, but he's not interested. Oh, well.


AngelSan said...

I love your bag, such a lovely fabric.. and your pinkeep is great too ! Are you refering fleece as felt? I think you can use whatever you want to make pinkeeps, as long as you are happy with the final result !!!

Your Brightneedle finish is lovely too !

I'm so sad for your husband I can only pray for remission ! I will be thinking of you both !

Daughter of the King said...

great tote....and the pin-keep. LOVE IT...
((((HUGS)))) for you and for Phil Ginny, keep your strength up, you know how this all can affect your fibro . Just a loving reminder.

Heidi said...

Great to see your first pinkeep Ginny! Your cardboard is the right size if you keep it just inside the backstitching on the design. The first one is always a bit scary but they get easier to make. And they are just great fun too aren't they? It is a wonderful way to use a small design.

Great job with it and the tote!

I will keep DH in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs ~