Monday, January 31, 2011

Computers, Snow, and Health

Still having computer problems.  We've tried everything, and are now researching new laptops.  Problem is my husband also needs a new computer - and he wants a laptop this time - so all prices double.  We were hoping to go looking on Wednesday evening, but . . .

We are expecting our biggest snow storm of the season (so far).  Depending on who you ask, we could get anywhere from 12" - 22"!  I am watching the weather right now, and the meteorologist I trust is saying a foot, starting Tuesday evening, and ending Thursday morning.  It will be cold, too, with temps in the low teens, and not getting out of the single digits on Thursday!  Some wind, too . . .

Which means, we may not even get to my husband's first physical therapy appointment at 4:30 on Wednesday (even though it's a four minute drive from our home).  In addition to his cancer, Phil has been dealing with what I would label chronic sciatica since this past summer.  Some days he is in horrible pain, so we have to do something, but are limited because of his cancer (medications he can take) and what we can afford.  We were blessed with the gift of a TENS unit, so we'll be discussing how to use it on Wednesday - if we get to the appointment.

I've been dealing with a sinus infection.  I'm on antibiotics, but my teeth and sinuses still hurt, although the pain isn't as bad as it was last week.

To bring us full circle, I have pictures on my camera, but don't want to download them to my computer for fear of losing them.  You'll just have to imagine a cross stitch finish, some cards, and adorable Cassie.

Hopefully, we'll be back to your regularly scheduled blog posts soon!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Days

Snow, snow, snow.  After breaking the record for the snowiest December on record, we got a brief reprieve, but are now in another snowy period.  When we headed to an oncology appointment (for my husband) last Wednesday, we weren't sure if we would make it since we were in the middle of a snowstorm.  We left 50 minutes early, but due to the extremely light traffic, arrived at our destination only five minutes later than we would have if the roads had been clear, even though I drove slowly.  Tonight it's very windy and snowing a bit.  Sunday's forecast is for blustery and cold weather, with a low of 4 degrees F.  As goes our weather, on Tuesday it will warm up to above freezing and we're expecting snow, sleet, freezing rain, and possibly rain.  Of course, we have to head to another doctor's appointment!  Unfortunately, things go downhill from there, with daytime highs by Saturday a mere 11 degrees.  You don't want to know what the low will be!  Good thing we're getting more kerosene for our heater 'cause we'll need it or else the furnace will run almost continually.

I am having computer problems - not sure what is going on.  We've been running every diagnostic program we can think of, as well as cleaning up the machine, but no real improvement yet.  The other possibility is that the laptop is dying; we have had it for quite a while and I know they don't last forever. 

Hence, I have no pictures for you, but I have been working on the wedding sampler.  I finished the inside (for reference, you can see a picture of the completed sampler here) and have begun stitching the words that go around the outside.  Unfortunately, I had to frog the right side of the top ("I Am My Beloved's") because I was one stitch off.  So I'll try to put that in again on Sunday night.  Then I will chart Grace and Anthony's names and stitch them at the bottom before taking the entire piece out of the scroll frame so I can stitch the sides with the letters facing the correct way.  It's too difficult to stitch them sideways. 

I would like to try to complete the sampler by the end of the month, but this coming week will be busy (my definition of busy, not necessarily anyone elses!) with that appointment on Tuesday, then Grace is having knee surgery on Thursday and I'll be helping care for her. I'll try sneaking in some stitching time if I can.

Keep warm,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You Cards

There are many card sketches available on the Internet (do a search for "card sketches", isn't that brilliant?) and after seeing some cards inspired by several of them, I decided to try to find ones I wished to try my hand at.  Since I have thank you's to write for Christmas gifts, it seemed a great time to put the two together.

This first card is simple.  I paired a blue piece of cardstock with a piece of patterned paper, separated the two with a piece of ribbon, then added a stamped "Thank You" and a flower from the Spellbinder's Flower Bouquet Shapeabilities set (which was a Christmas gift from daughter Sarah).

This next card took me several days to create.  I started with the patterned paper, then chose other colors by matching them to those in the patterned paper.  I ended up with three nearly full-size layers, each successive one being 1/8" small than the previous one.  Underneath the "stripes" on the bottom part of the card, I placed a bit of the Fancy Scalloped Border Spellbinders' Pierceability.  (Another gift from Sarah.)  The bow I tied with my Bow Easy.  To finish it off, I cut two layers with my Spellbinders Labels Eleven.  The finishing touch is three large pearls in the upper left corner.

I LOVE this card.  Even though it was a lot of work, it was worth it.

I will leave you with some pictures of Crazy Cassie after one of her crazy spells.

(Isn't she just the prettiest little kitty you've ever seen?)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Finish of 2011

As difficult as it might be to believe, I already have a finish for 2011!  This lovely design by Danybrod was stitched by my blogging friend, Heidi, who graciously gave me permission to copy her changes to the original design.  I believe I began the design on December 29 or 30, and I finished it up earlier tonight, January 4.  That has to be a record for me!  Now to decide how to finish it - frame, wall hanging, pillow? 

My next project is to finish the wedding sampler I started back in 2009.  I don't have a lot left to stitch, and I'm hoping it will go quickly so I can stitch some of the other designs I've purchased.  Now that I've had a break from it, maybe I can once again enjoy working on it.