Thursday, December 8, 2011


A lot of stitchers swear by Q-snaps, but I have always used either a round embroidery hoop or sometimes a scroll frame (mostly for larger pieces).  Then when my daughter and I were at Hobby Lobby, I spied this 6" square version of Q-snaps, which is apparently brand new to the embroidery market*.  I decided this would be perfect for stitching ornaments, and it turns out I was correct!  It makes stitching on the small pieces of cloth easy, and holds the fabric taut.  Here you can see me using it for Fresh Fallen Snow, which I highlighted in my last post.  I see a lot more small pieces in my future.

[*EDITED TO ADD:  the 6" square version is new; Q-snaps aren't!)

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Anonymous said...

Those have been around for years now. Glad you discovered them!